For people related services, there are a number of different directions you can take.

We're here to help you navigate that, every step of the way.
About Anthony LaPolla and Empower Business Strategies - A headshot of Anthony LaPolla

Hi.  I’m Anthony LaPolla and I’m the founder and CEO of Empower Business Strategies. 

My team and I help small to mid-size startups to get set up with their Human Resources and people related services.  Many times new businesses don’t know what systems they should use for payroll, what processes they should use for their employee management, or even what they need for an employee handbook. 

We walk businesses through these questions providing direction and support.  From Recruiting and Talent Acquisition to Strategic HR and Interim HR Leadership, Empower Business Strategies supports your business and gets you going in the right direction. 

A partnership with  Empower Business Strategies allows you to focus on your business while at the same time be taking care of your greatest asset, your team.  

I’m Anthony. I Help Businesses Place, Align, and Grow their Human Resources.

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