Your Grant was Rejected. What Now?

Your grant application was rejected. So now you ask yourself… What’s wrong with our proposal? Other agencies like us had their grant proposals funded. We provide the same services, we’re good people, and our programs are listed in the funding criteria. It’s not fair! How can we increase our grant success?

Even the best contacts or heartwarming stories won’t bring you over the finish line without having appropriate eligibility, complete information responses, and specific alignment to requirements on population needs, activities, organization capacity, and outcomes.  Alignment to the guidelines that focus on each application section, even the lowest graded point value questions, are critical to successful proposals. This will ensure that reviewers fully, and succinctly, understand how your case for support, evidence, content, and expectations relate to the funding source goals and objectives.

Empower Business Strategies can help in several ways. For example, an EBS expert can review proposals you prepare before they are submitted and assure your funding request has the greatest potential for impact and alignment with the funder’s mission and goals. We will provide impartial and expert quality control through editing, content, and formatting feedback. We can also do this same assessment if your proposal was rejected, helping you prepare for a resubmission in the future.

Although nothing is guaranteed in grant competitions, why not get help with your application to increase its strength above that of many other applicants? We focus on raising your total points, to make your application among the most attractive and appropriate to the funding source.

Empower Business Strategies offers a wide range of grant readiness, preparation, and management services. It includes this grant review program to help your existing staff be more successful. Also, a menu-driven grant preparation service, as needed, for supporting your organization in the short- or long-term. 

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Bruce A. Brodsky
Empower Business Strategies, 
Grant Consultant | Learning Group Presenter | Proposal Reviewer