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Administrative Support:

Unsung Heroes of Profitable Business

Administrative support in business is like the backstage crew of a broadway play. It performs the tasks necessary to make sure the show goes on successfully.  In the same way, managing schedules, handling paperwork, and coordinating resources, administrative tasks form the backbone of organizational efficiency. A skilled administrative department streamlines processes, reducing bottlenecks and minimizing the risk of errors. This efficiency, in turn, translates to cost-effectiveness.  And life for owners and managers becomes so much easier! 

But so often we see leadership and management take on administrative duties themselves. Or delegate them to staff in sales and marketing. So in addition to planning, marketing, and selling, owners and/or sales talent serve customers, manage their calendar, and sift through the company’s daily load of emails.  

But can people really multitask like this? According to the National Library of Medicine, “…multitasking is almost always a misnomer, as the human mind and brain lack the architecture to perform two or more tasks simultaneously.” So we don’t really multitask, we switch from one task to another. 

The problem becomes that administrative tasks take away from attention to the things that make businesses grow. Product development, up to date marketing efforts, and sales all take a backseat to paperwork and constantly battling administrative hurdles. 

But paperwork would be reduced and administrative hurdles eliminated if people who were tasked with these duties could give them their full attention. 

Professional Administration to the Rescue

Here at Empower Business Strategies we strongly urge you to prioritize a professional administration for your business. One that can step in to rescue you from this bureaucratic abyss. 

By delegating to employees who are specifically tasked with administrative responsibilities, you are freed to focus on your core competencies—innovating, strategizing, and delivering quality to your customers. 

With the burden of administrative tasks lifted, you can channel your creativity and strategic thinking into crafting products and services that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Administrative efficiency fuels managerial creativity, resulting in a business that not only runs smoothly but also thrives in delivering excellence.

Work on What You Do Best, Our Virtual Assistant Will Do the Rest

Not ready to organize and staff an administrative department? We’ve got you covered. Just outsource your administrative duties to an Empower Business Strategies virtual assistant. 

We can handle your calendar management, travel arrangements, email management, and data entry. We can even provide customer service from online inquiries or over the phone. 

This is especially helpful if you’re just starting out. Your business may not require a full-time employee to complete all of its administrative tasks. You hire us to do them so you, or your sales force, can concentrate fully on what it does best, bringing in new business.

Then, as you grow, you may reach a point where it makes sense to hire a full or part-time administrator. In the meantime, we’ll work as your administrative department. 

The upshot is that it’s so important to take the admin duties of your business seriously. And consider the people who quickly and accurately complete them as truly the unsung heroes of your business. 

Until next time.

Christina Aiello,
Empower Business Strategies Administrative Officer